Bulk / Business Sale Escrow

Bulk / Business Sale Escrow

Bulk Sales

A Bulk Sale is a type of escrow agreement placed on the sale of a business, which may include inventory and assets. The escrow serves to protect the interests of unsecured creditors; it eliminates the risk that the seller of the business will use the proceeds from the sale for purposes other than paying debts and/or taxes that may be owed.

The process of handling the sale of a business is different than the process of a real property sale. Therefore, the escrow process of a Bulk Sale requires an Escrow Officer who is highly experienced in handling the complications of a Bulk Sale escrow. Inland Empire Escrow has Escrow Officers who are highly-versed in Bulk Sales and working with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control which plays a major role in the purchase of a restaurant, bar, club, gas station, liquor store and more.  Our experienced Escrow Officers are proficient in all types of bulk sales including those mentioned above plus Gas (Fueling) Stations, Laundromats, Dry Cleaners and more.

bulk sale escrow

Inland Empire Escrow provides the lowest escrow fees in the industry for real estate, mobile home and business purchase and refinance transactions. We are considered one of the top independently owned escrow companies in the Inland Empire serving all of Southern California.

We set ourselves apart by maintaining a highly educated escrow team, while placing emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. That combined with our quick turn times and low flat escrow fees makes us a valuable part of your transaction and an excellent choice as your escrow service provider.

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