Inland Empire Escrow Staff

Five Offices To Serve You:
Chino Valley / Rancho Cucamonga “Route 66” / IEE East San Bernardino – Redlands / Riverside / Beaumont
Serving All of Southern California

Inland Empire Escrow Staff

Three Offices To Serve You: Chino Valley / Rancho Cucamonga “Route 66” / IEE East San Bernardino – Redlands / Riverside / Beaumont
Serving All of Southern California

Chino Valley – Corporate Office 
(909) 591-9387

linda cooper top escrow company

Linda M. Cooper, President / Sr. Escrow Officer
With over 40 years of experience, Linda is the owner and operator of Inland Empire Escrow.
Linda specializes in Real Estate, Bulk Sales, 1031 Exchanges and all types of specialized transactions including Gas Stations, Liquor Stores, Dry Cleaners and more. If you have a hard to answer in depth question regarding any type of escrow, Linda is the go to person for unique escrows.  She is proficient in working with  the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and much more. Linda is an incredible well versed and experienced escrow professionals who is the foundation of our company. She continues to lead our company by example as one of the most dedicated Sr. Escrow Officers in the industry.

kerry cisneroz

Kerry Cisneroz, Regional Escrow Manager / Escrow Officer
Kerry began his career in escrow in 1989 as messenger for the Chino office. He worked his way up to the front desk, then to an assistant, and then to an escrow officer, and finally the manager in 2000. Kerry runs a department, known throughout the office as “Team KC”, that specializes in mobile homes and real estate transactions, and is assisted by 6 team members. He prides himself in finding a solution to most any problem and presenting escrow differently than all other companies, with fast, accurate service, at the lowest cost in town. Kerry ensures that all escrow services and team members are performing at peak levels with the goal of providing the best service in the industry while staying ahead of the game in education and service. Kerry is a wealth of knowledge and one of the most proficient, hardworking escrow professionals known to the industry. Kerry is one of the greatest assets to our company and an integral part of Inland Empire Escrow being the leader in the escrow industry.

Kevin Cisneroz 2019

Kevin Cisneroz, Regional Sales & Operations Manager
Kevin began his career in the real estate industry at Inland Empire Escrow in 1993. Kevin was groomed to be our Account Executive (then called Public Relations) by working the front desk as a receptionist, ordering taxes, prelims, title orders, and more. After approximately six months of training Kevin assumed the position of Public Relations creating many new relationships which Inland Empire Escrow still enjoys today.  In 1997 Kevin was recruited by one of our local top performing mobile home sales companies to manage their new home sales. In 1999 Kevin was recruited by GreenPoint Mortgage Services as a collections agent where he excelled to be the top collector in his office. He then was promoted to the Account Executive position for GreenPoint representing the six western states. When GreenPoint closed its doors, Kevin was hired at Green Tree Financial Services as a retail loan officer working in their call center. When the call center was closed, Kevin was retained and transferred to the foreclosure department where he managed Las Vegas accounts. Kevin was then afforded a wonderful opportunity to be one of two Underwriters at Green tree Financial Services where he began his underwriting career. After two years Kevin was recruited by the largest mobile home sale company in California to be their finance department manager and moved himself and his wife (Melanie) to San Jose California. Kevin was there for one year prior to moving back to Underwriting for Eloan in Pleasanton California. After a death in the family, Kevin longed to be with his family in Southern California so he moved back at which time he was a Level II Underwriter for Impac in Irvine Ca. After a year of being at Impac Kevin was invited to rejoin Inland Empire Escrow as their Operations Executive as he brought more corporate experience to the company. Kevin oversee all sales, marketing and advertising, and introduces new technology, services, and guidelines for our company. Kevin oversees Melanie as our Account Executive where they work affectively together to maintain and form relationships in the real estate and mobile home industries. Kevin gives back to our community through service clubs, the city, school district, and real estate industry. He is an asset to our team and community.

kimberly hohberg

Kimberly Hohberg, Escrow Officer
Kimberly has been with the company since 1987 when the doors first opened! She started her career as a receptionist and soon became an escrow assistant working in the Mobile Home Department. Kimberly worked hard, learned all about the industry, and began processing Real Estate Refinance and Purchase transactions. In 2004 she was promoted to Sr. Escrow Officer. Kim states that service is number one to her and she has the knowledge to provide her clients with quick turn times and accurate information. She is a Mobile Home and Real Estate Escrow expert!

Dawne Bell, Assistant Escrow Officer

Dawne Bell is as Assistant Escrow Officer in the Refinance Department of Inland Empire Escrow.  With an escrow career that began in  1979, Dawne’s experience and knowledge as a former escrow manager and  head escrow officer is a great asset to Inland Empire Escrow.  Dawne also processes sale escrows and often assists in the sale department when needed.

brandon hohberg

Brandon Hohberg, Escrow Assistant
Brandon became part of Inland Empire Escrow in 2012, starting as a messenger delivering documents from clients offices to our office daily. Within a few months, his positive attitude and work ethic gained him a promotion as the front office clerk. There he greeted and served clients, balanced our daily banking and performed various clerical tasks for other escrow staff. Brandon then quickly promoted to an assistant and presently works alongside Jennifer Rincon in the Mobile Home Department. Together, Brandon and Jennifer work to provide the best service to our mobile home clients.

Dominic Cuevas, Escrow Assistant
Dominic started with Inland Empire Escrow in 2012.  He started with our company as a Titling Clerk in our Mobile Home Department.  In 2015 he began to assist the Real Estate Refinance Department opening escrows, ordering demands and more.  In 2016 he transitioned to the Real Estate Purchase Department where he has quickly learned how to understand and process Escrow Instructions.  He is a great asset to our company and is working with Kerry, Tina and Veronica. He opens escrows, orders demands and prelims and prepares escrow instructions and various other escrow tasks.


Zavanah Pritchett, Jr. Manufactured/Mobile Home Escrow Officer

Zavanah joined Inland Empire Escrow in 2017 as the Front Office Clerk.  Her skills with our clients and escrow documents quickly earned her a promotion as an Escrow Assistant, working alongside the Mobile Home Department.

Rancho “Route 66” Branch Office – Rancho Cucamonga / Upland 
(909) 581-8188

Veronica Ruiz 2019

Veronica Ruiz, Manager / Escrow Officer
Veronica Ruiz is our Rancho Cucamonga Branch Manager and Escrow Officer, who has over 15 years of experience working on many complex transactions such as short sales, REOs, HUD loans, assumptions and carry back loans. She has extensive experience in handling standard resale, and refinance escrows.

Veronica Ruiz began her career in the real estate industry as an assistant funder, through which she found an interest in the escrow field. Through much training, the desire to continually learn new things and quickly comprehend difficult tasks, Veronica worked her way into the position of an escrow officer. She is hardworking, detailed and dependable, and continually strives to do the best at everything she does, all with a positive attitude, which makes her a great leader for Inland Empire Escrow’s Rancho Route 66 Branch Office.

Veronica has lived in the Inland Empire for over 20 years and enjoys being part of the community. She looks forward to servicing your escrow needs.

adriana ortiz

Adriana Ortiz, Escrow Officer
Adriana began her escrow career at Inland Empire Escrow in 2003.
Adriana is a very knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated escrow professional who will always take care of your escrows with great pride.  Adriana carries on Sue’s escrow legacy as a prized member of the Inland Empire Escrow team.

melanie cisneroz

Melanie Cisneroz, Sr. Account Executive
Melanie began her escrow career at Inland Empire Escrow in 1995.  She moved to San Jose in 2002 where she went to work for Alliance Title Escrow.  In 2005 she returned to the Inland Empire to be close to family once again, at which time she rejoined Kerry and his real estate team as a Jr. Escrow Officer processing real estate refinance transactions. In 2012 Melanie was selected to be our company’s Account Executive working with Kevin.  Melanie is married to Kerry’s brother Kevin, which makes Kevin and Melanie a great team to work with.

IEE East “Hospitality” Branch – San Bernardino / Redlands 
(909) 327-3111

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Danielle Ibarra, Office Manager / Escrow Officer

IEE East – Riverside Branch Office
(951) 778-1370

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Erica Tyrrell, Escrow Manager

Erica Tyrrell started her career in escrow with her Mom and Aunt at Capree Escrow Colton / Riverside in 2003!

She started as an Escrow Assistant and moved her way up to Escrow Officer. Erica is now the Escrow Manager for our upcoming Riverside Branch Office.

She is serving Realtors and Lenders in Riverside, Colton, Grand Terrance and surrounding cities just as she has for 20 Years!

IEE East – Beaumont Office
(909) 327-3111

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Maria Barva, Escrow Officer

With offices in Chino, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Riverside and Beaumont, Inland Empire Escrow offers the lowest escrow fees in the industry for residential and commercial clients. We are considered by many to be at the top of the best escrow companies in the Inland Empire.  We provide specialized service for mobile home, short sale, REO, Bulk / Business Sale, 1031 Exchange, and Agricultural escrow.

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