Our Core Values

Escrow Experience You Can Trust Since 1987

Our Core Values
Escrow Experience You Can Trust Since 1987

Our Core Values

With a passion for giving back to others, Inland Empire Escrow has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars into the community since 1987. Our company President has been a Kiwanis Club member for 30 years, and our Corporate Operations Manager is the Board President for a local food bank which provides groceries to thousands of low-income individuals every year. We believe in being good stewards of all that is provided to us, and Inland Empire Escrow makes a difference everywhere we are.

We believe firmly in not only gaining from our industry but contributing to our industry as well by being involved in our local Real Estate Associations and Escrow Associations. Our Company President and Vice President serve on the Board of Directors for the Tri-County Escrow Association, we are members of every Real Estate Association, and are board members for local Real Estate Professionals groups, including West End Real Estate Professionals and Womens Council of Realtors, investing our time back into an industry that we love by contributing with our time and resources. We are more than an escrow company, we are a company that is dedicated to our clients and our industry.

In an effort to provide the most knowledgeable service to our clients, we remain heavily involved in our Escrow Association and attend educational conferences monthly, and quarterly, ensuring that our teams stay apprised of new legislation and processes in an ever-evolving industry.
In addition to staying educated, we in turn educate our clients with escrow classes at no cost to them, passing on decades of knowledge and experience to Realtors, Lenders, Sellers, Buyers and Escrow Processionals throughout Southern California.

We understand that each escrow is more than a file. It is a family, an individual, transitioning into the next season of life. Working towards their goal of homeownership, downsizing the space where hey raised their family, or gaining more space for their growing family. With that understanding, we know the importance of relationships with our clients. We take pride in customizing our escrow and process for each client’s needs. We also work hard in building relationships with local realtors and lenders, as we understand the importance of relationships. That when we know each other and work together, we succeed and achieve goals together.

We are one of the only escrow companies that does not pass on additional charges/fees to our clients. We do not charge for overnight packages, wires, edoc fees, storage, etc. All legitimate fees that other companies charge, which we choose not to. We make our escrow process easy, including understanding the escrow fee. We have one flat easy to quote and understand escrow fee for every sales price or refinance. See our fees for more information. When working with Inland Empire Escrow, you receive the best experience with the most knowledgeable team members at a price you can understand and appreciate.

With offices in Chino, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Riverside and Beaumont, Inland Empire Escrow offers the lowest escrow fees in the industry for residential and commercial clients. We are considered by many to be at the top of the best escrow companies in the Inland Empire. We provide specialized service for mobile home, short sale, REO, Bulk / Business Sale, 1031 Exchange, and Agricultural escrow.

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