The 4 Top Improvements You Should Make to Your Mobile Home After Your Move In

The 4 Top Improvements You Should Make to Your Mobile Home After Your Move In

mobile home escrow san bernardinoIf you have recently moved in a mobile home, then you have a lot of things to do to give it a personal touch and increase its value. As compared to conventional homes, you have to do things a little different for making improvements in your mobile home. The whole remodeling process depends mostly on your tastes and requirements. However, you must deal with this project carefully if you want to increase your mobile home’s value while preventing overspending.

Following are 4 top improvements you should make to your mobile home after your move in:

1. Update Wood Paneling

If the mobile home you have moved in is a little bit old, then there’s a high chance that you have outdated wood paneling. Painting the panel will help in achieving a more rustic look. If you like the appearance of the wood paneling and don’t want any significant changes, then you can simply clean it up with some oil to reveal its native color. Replacing the wood paneling with drywall is also a good option.You can polish the wood paneling with sandpaper until it becomes shiny and sleek. Furthermore, you can also put a wallpaper of your choice over it. So there are a lot of options available when updating wood paneling of your mobile home.

2. Care for Ceiling

There are a number of reasons why the ceiling of your mobile home could cause problems. Mostly mobile home roofs are flat, which allow water to collect in places that eventually drips into ceiling and causes unappealing water damage. Stains are also a familiar trait of most mobile home ceilings. Repairing the ceiling and fixing roof drainage issues is more a matter of need than decoration, however the visual improvement will be affected as well. By removing the stains, you will be able to increase safety and hygiene standards as well as brighten the area inside your home.

3. Update The Fixtures

Setting up faucets and doorknobs is slightly harder for mobile homes. When it comes to fixtures, there is a lot of difference between mobile and conventional houses. So, choose only those fixtures that are specifically made for mobile homes. Before buying a replacement make certain to measure all the holes by removing the fixtures. Special screws as well as some other tools are also necessary for fixture replacements so when buying new items,it is recommended to bring along your existing hardware with you.

4. Remove Walls

When it comes to mobile homes, there are rarely any load-bearing beams or walls, which means you can easily remove walls to gain extra space. Remodeling your mobile home’s interior by removing walls can transform claustrophobic and cramped spaces into a fresh design.

Mobile homes are one of the several ways for people to own a home without spending a great deal of money. Improving it properly could further save your money and still provide the comfort that conventional homes can give.


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