6 Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tasks to Not Ignore, Especially if You Plan to Sell Your Home This Year

6 Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tasks to Not Ignore, Especially if You Plan to Sell Your Home This Year

6 Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tasks to Not Ignore Especially if You Plan to Sell Your Home This YearSpring is one of the best times of the year for selling property. After a long, dark winter, people are heading outdoors in their droves, meaning anyone that is considering buying a property is likely to start their search at the beginning of spring.

With more prospective buyers you increase the chances of getting an offer for your property, providing it is in sellable condition! To ensure your property looks as good as new, it is important to give it a thorough clean, making sure to do those subtler maintenance tasks that many people often ignore.

By conducting a thorough spring cleaning of your property, you ensure your property stands out in a crowded market, while possibly adding several thousand dollars to its value!

Here are 6 spring cleaning maintenance tasks no to ignore, especially if you plan to sell your home this year:

Remove Clutter
All real estate agents recommend a thorough decluttering of surfaces and countertops in every room of the property. Not only does this make each room tidier and more attractive, but it can also make them appear much larger thanks to a lack of clutter.

Start with the important rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, as these are most likely to be cluttered. Consider buying storage containers for all the bits and pieces you don’t want to throw away.

Dust and Clean All Surfaces
Dust all the walls, doors, shelves, cupboards, light fixtures, vents, sockets, skirting, and any other surface area in each room. Once you have dusted, consider cleaning with a damp cloth, giving everything a clean and hygienic finish that will impress all buyers.

Polish Wood Floors
Hardwood floors are an attractive prospect for buyers so make sure to make the most of them by giving a good polish. This helps to hide any imperfections that have accumulated over the years, while making them appear more attractive, improving the appearance of the room.

Lawn Maintenance
Spring mark the beginning of lawn growing season, so make sure your curb appeal stands out by giving your lawn some much needed maintenance after a long winter. Start by mowing the lawn, then consider lawn fertilizer to give it a burst of color over the next few weeks, while maintaining lawn edges, removing weeds, raking leaves etc.

Plant Some Flowers
By planting flowers in your front yard you can make the property much easier on the eye. It’s a simple but effective way to increase curb appeal, making the exterior look that more attractive to a prospective buyer.

Stick with flowers that grow in your climate, focusing on vibrant colors that help to catch the eye and make the landscape stand out from the rest. Mulch any existing flower beds for a nutritional boost, while you may want to add some if you don’t already have any.

Clean and Paint the Door
Make sure to clean the door, oiling any stiff hinges, and possibly giving it a fresh coat of paint if it appears faded. This helps to improve the curb appeal from the offset, giving a good first impression for whoever walks through the door.

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