A Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent Can Make Escrow Go Much Faster By Doing These 4 Things

A Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent Can Make Escrow Go Much Faster By Doing These 4 Things

A Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent Can Make Escrow Go Much Faster By Doing These 4 ThingsBuying a new home is a time-consuming process at the best of times. Once you find the right property and make a good offer, you may find yourself entering escrow. This is one of the final stages of buying a property but also one of the most stressful – it can also take anywhere from a few days to several months to close escrow.

One way to make the escrow process easier and faster is to hire a good home buyer real estate agent. With the right realtor at your back, many of the arduous escrow processes can be completed much quicker.

Here are 4 things that a home buyer’s real estate agent can do to make the escrow process quicker:

Get Contingencies Cleared Quicker

Your real estate agent helps to create a purchase offer for the house which will include various contingencies both buyer and seller must meet to close escrow. This process is one of the most time-consuming to complete but your realtor can help clear of the contingencies – they helped draw them up after all!

Because these need to be cleared by the date in the escrow contact, you’ll want to focus on getting them finished quickly, and your real estate agent can and will help with this.

For instance, they can arrange for the various inspections you’ll want to conduct to ensure there are no issues with the property, and if any do arise, they’ll help make sure that the seller completes any necessary repairs.

Review the Title Report

There are usually two title reports (preliminary and final) that must be reviewed and signed to close escrow. A real estate agent can help review all title reports and ensure that all legal descriptions are above board and whether there are any other issues that may affect the property title.

This is especially important with the final title report, as they can recommend the best type of title report for your situation and let the escrow agent know this. It’s always important to go over title reports with a fine toothcomb and a good realtor will do so without being too time consuming.

Handle All Legal Documentation and Paperwork

As you may imagine, the buying process involves a lot of paperwork and legal documents, much of which can look like jargon to the untrained eye.

Most of the paperwork and documents are finalized during escrow, so with a real estate agent on hand you can quickly verify all paperwork and documents are in order, getting you to address any mistakes that may appear as quickly as possible.

Help with the Final Walkthrough

While you may feel confident of closing escrow after various inspections on the property, it’s still a good idea to go through a final walkthrough to ensure there are no problems.

A real estate agent can assist with this and it’s always a good idea to bring them along – they know all the areas to inspect and how to spot hidden problems you may miss. They’ll be able to help you get the final inspection done as quickly as possible without overlooking anything.

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