6 Common Questions That Buyers and Sellers Ask Their Real Estate Agents Before Opening Escrow

6 Common Questions That Buyers and Sellers Ask Their Real Estate Agents Before Opening Escrow

Common Questions That Buyers and Sellers Ask Their Real Estate Agents Before Opening EscrowBuying or selling a house can be quite intimidating. Real estate agents are there to guide clients and make sure that both processes go as expected. Once a home goes on the market, both seller and buyer usually work with their own real estate agents they are happy with, so that everything goes smooth when escrow is opened. And when it comes to this, there are certain questions that both buyers and sellers ask their real estate agents.

Following are 6 common questions that buyers and sellers ask their real estate agents before opening escrow:

1. What is Your Experience?
Whether the service of a real estate agent is needed for buying or selling a house, this is the first question most buyers/sellers ask, and rightly so, because it is very important to know that the real estate agent can meet the needs of a client. The client wants to determine how long the agent has been in business and what is his/her percentage of successful transactions completed. Choosing an experienced real estate agent is the key to a smooth home buying/selling experience.

2. What is Your Fee?
The fee charged varies from one real estate agent to another and no matter whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is always in your best interest to shop for the best fee. Because of this, this question is commonly asked, by both buyers and sellers because they both pay a commission to their agent when the property is sold.

3. How Much is My Home Worth?
Sellers often ask this question when putting their home on the market. The answer to this question is important to them when they get ready to list their house. Sellers want to know how much they should be expecting to clear from the sale of their property so they can make an educated decision about the money they have for their next property.

4. How Much Can I Afford?
This question is asked by buyers as they want to figure out a budget range and a good real estate agent can help them in this regard. Most real estate agents have worked with mortgage brokers who can pre-qualify the buyer for a certain amount if needed.

5. When Does Our Agreement Begin?
Whether you are selling or buying, you will need to have a contract with a real estate agent which will allow the agent to work on your behalf, clarify any fee and make it compulsory. Buying contracts are usually dependent on how long it takes to find a house while selling contracts usually run four-to-six months.

6. When Can I Move in?
Buyers usually ask their real estate agent this question as soon as they find the home they love. The answer is after the escrow is settled. Once an agreement between the buyer and the seller has been reached and all the conditions have been met, the deed is sent to the County Recorder’s office. After this, the property officially becomes that of the buyer.

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