5 Most Important Things Revealed in a Home Inspection

5 Most Important Things Revealed in a Home Inspection

home-inspection-during-escrowHome inspectors come across a lot of issues when inspecting a home, but there are some issues that are common and appear more frequently than others. Following are 5 most important things revealed in a home inspection:

1. Drainage Issues
Draining issues are one of the most common problems found in a home inspection. A grade sloping toward the home can result in wet or damp crawl spaces, foundation cracking, movement, or settlement. When the water is absorbed by the foundation, it sometimes leads to rot in the walls, mold, and framing members. Such issues are very expensive to deal with. To deal with this issue, you may have to install a new system of downspouts and gutters or have the lot re-graded in order to channel the water away from the home.

2. Roof
Problems with the roof differ from missing flashing to sagging or damaged trusses. Old, improper roof flashings, or damaged shingles may cause water damage to ceilings as well as roof leaks. Although it is relatively inexpensive and easy to have small amounts of flashing and a few shingles repaired, if not done on time the costs of repairs will rise drastically.

3. Electrical Wiring
An outdated or insufficient electrical system is another common problem revealed in home inspections, particularly in older homes. This is a potentially hazardous issue, so you should not take it lightly. Common issues include: aluminum wiring, insufficient electrical service to the house, dangerous do-it-yourself wiring, inadequate overload protection, and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter that is either ungrounded or doesn’t work at all. These are not just cosmetic defects; these are serious safety hazards. To bring the home up to current safety standards, you may have to replace the entire electrical system, or at least part of it.

4. Heating System
A poorly maintained or older heating system can be a serious safety and health hazard, so remove a fire hazard by having it thoroughly inspected. In some cases, particularly with older homes, you may need to replace the entire furnace. Even though this is somewhat costly, new furnaces are more reliable and energy-efficient, which will certainly save you money in the long run.

5. Ventilation
Poor ventilation mostly results in too much moisture that wreaks havoc on structural components and interior walls and can also aggravate allergies. It is a common problem found in home inspections these days. To tackle this issue, you will have to open the windows on a regular basis and install ventilation fans in every bathroom without a window. You can also install roof vents in order to ventilate the attic. Replacing drywall or other finishes to tackle poor ventilation issue is inexpensive, but if you have to replace a structural element, it can become quite expensive.

In conclusion, these are the issues commonly revealed in a home inspection. It is recommended that you hire the services of a professional home inspector to properly judge the condition of the house before buying it.

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