5 Annual Maintenance Tips for Mobile Homes

5 Annual Maintenance Tips for Mobile Homes

mobile home maintenance inland empireThere are many advantages of owning a mobile home; they are stress-free, flexible, and low cost when it comes to having to pay rent or mortgages. Maintaining a mobile home is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. Keeping up with the regular maintenance is essential to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Following are 5 annual maintenance tips for mobile homes:

1. Seal the Metal Roof
Metal roofs are common when it comes to mobile homes. However, it is wrong to think that mobile homes with a metal roof are not vulnerable. With the passage of time, weather conditions can have significant effect and lead to deterioration. Most of the claims seen by insurance providers include leaking roofs. And if the maintenance is poor, those claims can be denied. That’s why it is recommended to annually inspect the condition of your mobile home’s metal roof.

2. Drain the Water Heater
In order to get rid of sediment that collects at the bottom of the tank, it is recommended that you drain your mobile home’s water heaters every 6 months to a year. If not done on time, this sediment will cause corrosion, which could result in poor water heater performance. When draining a water heater, it is recommended that you first shut off the electric line or gas that runs to the heater. Afterward, connect a hose to the jet on the heater, and run the hose either outside the home or down a drain. Last of all, open the valve to allow air to enter the heater in order to drain the water out.

3. Check the Sealant Around Windows
This tip is particularly important if your mobile home has aluminum siding. Checking the silicone sealing around the windows annually is highly recommended. You can also apply more sealant to keep your windows water-tight and air -tight if required. The caulking or sealant should have a rubbery consistency. If it appears brittle, dry, or cracked, you must reseal it.

4. Re-level the Home
When a mobile home is placed for the first time, it must be leveled by a professional. And after each year, it may need to be re-leveled again. Sometimes, the ground beneath the mobile home continues to settle which makes re-leveling important. If your home needs leveling, telltale signs include doors and windows that don’t close properly. Look for cracks in between the windows and doors or see if the door swings open or drags. Tiny cracks in walls and ceilings can also indicate that a re-leveling is required.

5. Get Professional Help
Having a professional inspect your mobile home and report any issues on an annual basis is highly recommended. This precaution will prove beneficial in the long-run as it will surely pay for itself many times over. A professional home inspection should cover each and every aspect of your home including the plumbing, the foundation, walls, roof, electrical, and floors, with a special emphasis on the highly invisible space between the ground and the home.

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