3 Ways to Save Money When Purchasing a Mobile Home

3 Ways to Save Money When Purchasing a Mobile Home

3-ways-to-save-money-when-purchasing-a-mobile-homeIf you want to purchase a mobile home, you should consider many factors before finalizing your decision. Prices of both new and used mobile homes vary considerably depending on many factors. Mainly, these factors include the type of home you are looking for, the price competition in the area, and the location of the dealership. However, you can protect your financial interests if you know what to look for in purchasing a mobile home at a reasonable price.

Following are 3 ways to save money when purchasing a mobile home:

1. Do Your Research

If you reside in a large town or city with a lot of inventory in the area, then there are good chances that you will get a better deal as the competition will drive prices down. The prices will be relatively higher in smaller areas where the sales are very few. When you know what type of mobile home you want, then it is a good idea to go online and ask for prices from different mobile home dealers who are close to your area. You should ask for the best deals they have and also inform them that you are getting quotes from other dealerships as well. Doing this will increase your chances of getting competitive price quotes and save money when purchasing a mobile home.

2. Compare Quotes

The price quotes you receive vary drastically depending on the make and model of mobile homes. That’s why it is recommended that you compare them to get a better deal. Look for floor plans of different mobile home units to see which ones satisfy your needs best. Furthermore, you can also compare features offered in each home as well as the selectable options. Once you have finalized your decision, you will need to negotiate with the dealer to secure the best possible price for the mobile home.

3. Get Help from an Escrow Company

Hiring the services of an escrow company that specializes in mobile home transactions is highly recommended as there are many advantages and the most important of them is their ability to guide you through the entire mobile home buying process. Mobile home escrows are totally different than real estate escrows, so make sure you are taking the help from an escrow company that specializes in mobile home transactions. An experienced escrow company excels at mobile home processing, working with a variety of mobile home dealers, private property sales, and realtors. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money when purchasing a mobile home.


While there are many ways to save money when purchasing a mobile home, getting help from a reputed escrow company is a must. Because if you hire the services of an experienced escrow company for your mobile home purchase, not only will the procedure of buying a mobile home be streamlined, you will also save a lot of money and time in the process.

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