Buyers Love to See These 4 Things in a Home

Buyers Love to See These 4 Things in a Home

buyers-love-to-see-these-4-things-in-a-homeSelling your home is often easier said than done, especially for those doing so the first time, but there are a lot of small things you can do to help encourage buyers to make an offer or at least garner some interest in your property.

Let’s take a closer look at some things that buyers love to see in a home:

1. A nice entrance

First impressions are vitally important in real estate, as nothing makes a lasting impression quite like the first. Buyers want to feel something when they enter a home; they don’t want to be put off from the moment they step through the door!

In fact, a lot of the first impression comes from the exterior of your entrance, so you will want to fix both the inside and outside entrance to make it appealing for buyers.

Do some minor landscaping, add a fresh coat of paint on your doors and walks at the entrance, while adding or upgrading your porch lights can also work well. Keep the inside clutter free, and dress it with some simple yet stylish furnishings for a lasting first impression.

2. Ample space

Clutter is perhaps the worst thing a buyer could lay eyes upon – they want to see lots of open space. This is important as it not only gives the feeling of a fresh, clean home, but also offers buyers the chance to imagine how they would design and layout each room.

Aim for something that resembles a hotel. It may require a lot of regular maintenance and you may have to find some storage space for all your clutter, but the tidier each room gets the more the buyer will love the home.

3. Storage

Buyers don’t just want space in every room – they want it in the storage spaces too! Now, this may be difficult should you lack much in the way of large storage spaces, but by decluttering these spaces as well, you can give the appearance of spacious storage spaces.

When you consider this and the fact you should declutter rooms as well, it may be a good idea to rent a storage space to temporarily house your stuff and help achieve the desired aesthetics throughout your home.

Clear out storage spaces such as garages, closets, shelves, and pantries to highlight all the storage space that buyers love to see.

4. Fresh paint

While obvious to most, prospective buyers love when a home looks and feels fresh, making a fresh coat of paint a great idea. Now, many believe that a coat of standard white paint should do the trick, but this can be quite bland, so aim to add an elegant neutral color such as a soft gray or beige to the walls.

Not only does it look sharper, but helps to highlight wall fixtures, moldings, and windows, which every buyer will be paying close attention to.

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