4 Escrow Services You May Be Overpaying For

4 Escrow Services You May Be Overpaying For

4-escrow-services-you-may-be-overpaying-forBuying a home is a long and complex process. Entering escrow is often a cause for excitement for first-time buyers, but this step of buying a property is one of the most difficult to deal with. There are various complications that must be dealt with between both buyer and seller before property deeds can be exchanged, and not everyone is prepared for this.
One of the biggest surprises are the amount of services that require additional fees. Given the complexities of escrow, there are a number of services that you could be paying over the odds for depending on the escrow company.
Here are four escrow services you may be overpaying for:

1. Messenger Service

Countless documents are sent between buyers and sellers, so a messenger service covers the delivery of such documents. Fees tend to vary depending on the distance the documents travel between sender and receiver, so it can certainly add up.
We offer this service free of charge for the entire escrow process! This means all messenger services between the buyer and seller are charged at no extra cost throughout the entire course of escrow.

2. Overnight Service

Certain documents and other sensitive information must be sent out as soon as possible, which is where an overnight service comes into play. This is the process of setting up an overnight delivery for the quickest possible transference of documents, and it’s often quite costly.
We also provide this service free of charge! That means all those urgent documents are sent out overnight to ensure escrow processes as soon as possible.

3. Wire Service

A lot of money is exchanged during escrow, and whenever the money is wired from a buyer, seller, or lender, there are typically wiring fees involved. When wiring money to the escrow account or lender, fees can be quite significant, making it one of the more overlooked service fees during escrow.
However, we take care of all wire fees throughout the escrow process, helping save money where it counts.

4. Mortgage Refinancing

Whenever refinancing a mortgage there is a need for an escrow account, and while this process is generally more straight-forward than escrow between buyer and seller, there are some excessive fees charged from certain escrow companies.
We’ve made a commitment to keeping mortgage refinance fees as low and fair as possible, charging a much lower rate than most other escrow companies. We offer this service for a low, flat fee across the board, ensuring savings for anyone seeking to refinance their mortgage.

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