3 Things The Best Real Estate Escrow Companies Do To Go The Extra Mile For Their Clients

3 Things The Best Real Estate Escrow Companies Do To Go The Extra Mile For Their Clients

3 Things The Best Real Estate Escrow Companies Do To Go The Extra Mile For Their ClientsEscrow is an important part of a real estate transaction. It protects both the buyer and seller, ensuring that the money for the property is only exchanged for the property deed until various pre-set conditions are made while disbursing other fees to lenders, agents, and other parties.

However, it’s important to choose the right real estate escrow company to ensure the escrow process is smooth sailing. Not all escrow companies provide the same level of service, with many going above and beyond to ensure the escrow process is completed quickly and with minimal issues.

But what separates a good escrow company from a great one?

Here are 3 things that the best real estate escrow companies do for their clients:

Ordering Services on Behalf of Clients

There is a misconception that real estate escrow companies simply deal with funds and paperwork in a real estate transaction. They can complete various other tasks on behalf of clients, with their assistance often helping the escrow process close much quicker.

A common task that the best escrow agents are happy to do is to order services that are part of the escrow agreement. For example, this could include ordering the necessary inspections and surveys included in the escrow contract, with the best companies likely having a reliable network of surveyors, inspectors, and other organisations involved in real estate transactions.

Frequent Communication

The best escrow companies always have an open line of communication with every client. This isn’t guaranteed with every company however, as many take a backseat approach and only call their clients when needed, which often leads to frustrations because it’s not always clear where the escrow currently stands.

With a good company, you can expect frequent, if not daily, phone calls or emails to keep everyone up to date on the escrow process. Fast responses are also a good sign of going above and beyond, especially when it comes to important paperwork and contracts, while transparency is also a characteristic you can expect from the best escrow companies.

Simply put, they are always in contact and will pick up the phone any time you have a question about escrow. For instance, if there is a delay in the escrow process – which is quite common – they should tell you immediately, explain why its happened, and how soon you can except it to move forward.

Walking Clients Through Closing Documents

It’s easy for an escrow agent to give a quick rundown of the closing documents and to get the necessary signatures. The best companies will do much more, going over each document step by step to ensure that the buyer and seller understand everything about the final stages of the transaction.

Sometimes this means needing to be flexible, as not everyone works around the same schedule, with the top agents being ready to reorganise their own schedule to ensure they help each client close, such as dropping an appointment to notarise signing of the closing documents.

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